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The CuddlyWrap™ is a wrap-style baby carrier that is designed to move with you and your baby, to be secure, yet not restrictive and you can continue to use the CuddlyWrap™ from newborn to toddler. There is no limit on the amount of time you can carry your baby in the CuddlyWrap™.

The CuddlyWrap™  is made from 100% Organic cotton and is one long piece of material that stretches just a little bit to be comfortable. There are no seams, straps, snaps or buckles to fiddle with to get it on right.  It comes with bilingual instructions in description as well as pictures.

The CuddlyWrap™ is available is many different colour options.

*We currently have 6 colour options in stock.  If you would like a different colour ordered in, please send us an email and we can do that for you!

* CuddlyWrap Colours: