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Mother-Ease Medium Wet/Dry Diaper Bag -Deluxe
Mother-Ease Medium Wet/Dry Diaper Bag -Deluxe

The deluxe diaper bag by Mother-Ease is a great diaper bag for taking along with you while you go out for the day or to send with your baby to daycare.  It will hold 7-8 diapers, but it also has an added pocket in the front to hold any clothes that may get soiled while out or while your child is at daycare.  It is designed with a draw-string top to allow air to flow through, thus eliminating any build-up of bacteria and ammonia.  On laundry day throw it right in with your diapers.  No more smelly diaper bags! 

It is available in 4 super cute prints.

* Mother-Ease diaper bag colours: