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Wizard Uno All In One
Wizard Uno All In One

The Wizard Uno All in One is a revolutionary All in One diaper.  Like most all in ones, there is no folding, no covers, and no inserts to deal with.  Unlike most other all in ones, the wet zone is not sewn to the outer PUL layer (it is sewn at the ends).  This helps to better prevent leaking around the legs meaning this diaper can be worn for approximately 4 hours with no leakage. Because this is a sized diaper it is more trim than a typical one-size all in one. 

The top layer, next to baby's skin, has a stay-dry material to help with irritation and help baby to feel dry.  The outer layer, like all Mother-Ease covers, has a fantastically water repellant layer on it that will outlast most diapers.  With all of these features this is an easy, leak-free way to diaper your baby. 

Comes in 4 sizes: X-small (6-12lbs), small (8-18lbs), medium (18-27lbs), large (27-35lbs).

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