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Freestyle Swim Diaper
Freestyle Swim Diaper

This is the all new Freestyle swim diaper from Blueberry Diapers! The Freestyle swim diaper is designed to contain accidents with elastics at the waist and leg.  It has side openings for easy on and off and an extra layer of absorbency to hold a little bit more liquid that may leak out on the way to the pool.  It is available in a variety of new prints and sizes, and these new swim diapers fit very true to size:

Small (10-18lbs) -Waist - 12"-18", Thighs - 7"-12", Rise - 15".

Medium (16-28lbs) - Waist - 15"-22", Thighs - 9"-15", Rise - 17"

Large (26-36lbs) -Waist -16"-24", Thighs - 10"-16", Rise - 10"



* Freestyle Swim Diaper prints:
* Size: